Åke Ericson – Non Grata

For over 8 years, I have been documenting the Roma peoples daily life in 10 countries in Europe. I began this project after visiting the southern part of Czech Republic where I witnessed vast discrimination.
This moved me so greatly that I committed to photographing this vulnerable community of people. This commitment has taken me on 18 journeys through Czech Republic, France, Sweden, Kosovo, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Switzerland, Spain and Slovakia to bear witness to these shunned societies. 
I have used photography to show the Roma’s living conditions and how they are deprived of political, economical, cultural and social rights. The other aspect of this project has been to show the difficulties the Roma have everywhere to win political influence and get a voice in the media.

Non Grata project has been exhibited in Sweden, Bulgaria and France, Germany and in  FN hq in New York,USA .

All the pictures in the exhibition:
17 framed pictures in 21×35 cm.
6 framed pictures 50×71 cm.
11 framed pictures 70×103 cm.
1 sign with the name Non Grata 39×90 cm.

Two boxes for the transportation of the whole exhibition
in 58×113,80 cm och 110x80x40 cm.

The Non Grata book has been awarded by International Photo Award in USA 2018 and POYi in USA 2019.

Published April 2018
230 x 305 mm portrait format
140 pp / 71 tri-tone illustrations
Hardback clothbound
ISBN 978-1-910401-18-7