What we do

Is that it?

As a fourth division is our wide contact net. We can help you get in contact with collections, framers, logistics, custom support and how to manage an collection. In a future we also to offer a storage facility, for artists and institutions/museum.

Culture Assistance derived from 30 years of work with culture and exhibitions text, curatorial, research and all in between.

We have produced exhibition and culture programs from Nice to Washington, from Moscow to Paris, mostly photography, but as well art and culture history.  We have during all this work accomplished a big network of contacts in a broad aspect of culture.  The best writers, the best curators, all knowledge on transport, custom papers and juridical points or how to best build a transport crater.  We can help with all of that and probably more, just give us a call!

We can help with and culture production, from A to Z, for a cooperation that want to exhibit in their office, to private persons that need research and help with their in heritage art or for an museum or institution that want to organize a lecture or exhibition. We can organize lectures, seminaries, walks & talk or if you need and culture workshop.  Just tell us, contact us with your suggestions and ideas and we will assist you in the best of ways

We as well organize traveling shows, from box to wall, nail to nail. Our rooster of artists and showes, is a selection of the best, we know.  Our favorites.  We cooperate with just the best in the field.

For short we can be of Culture Assistance.