Åke Ericson – North Korea

In disguise of being a tourist, the photojournalist visited Åke Ericson a highly topical country: North Korea.

He was part of a group of ten people from all over the world who for eight days were guests in one of the ”shoulder forces of evil”.
– It has always been my dream to visit the world’s most closed country, comments Åke Ericson himself.

He left Beijing in October 2005 and got off the train in the capital Pyongyang after a 42-hour journey. The cult of personality where father and son cultivate the myth of themselves is evident everywhere in the dictatorship.

– Everyone wondered why I photographed so much, but I just said I’m very interested in photography.

Exhibited at:
Bildens Hus, Sundsvall,Sweden
Galleri Kontrast,Stockholm,Sweden
Arbetets museum, Norrköping,Sweden