Åke Ericson – Silence – A serene life

Överselö Monastery has been the home to nuns for fifty years. They have promised to live in obedience, chastity and poverty. Through prayer and daily tasks, they have served groups as well as individuals who sought the silence and simplicity of the Risen Savior’s sisterhood (Swedish: Uppståndne Frälsarens Systraskap), a community within the Church of Sweden. The community was founded over 40 years ago.

Överselö Monastery is a former schoolhouse which is located opposite the medieval Överselö Church on Selaön, Strängnäs. Sister May has never had the thought of becoming a priest. On the other hand, the sisters seek to fulfil God´s calling to become nuns, to dedicate their lives to God – an undertaking in daily repentance and servitude.

Photographer Åke Ericson has followed Sister Maj and Sister Ingrid for twelve years.

This photo series illustrates the daily life and task of the monastery. Everything from gardening, hen feeding, pastoral care to the fixed prayers in the chapel where even the cats attend as well visiting sisters from neighboring Alsike Monastery.

22 framed pictures for the exhibition.

Exhibited at:
Cathedral in Strängnäs,Sweden
Church of Sweden in New York,USA